World Hapkido Peace Corps Foundation

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World Hapkido Peace Corps Foundation

World Hapkido Peace Corps Foundation

What are World Hapkido Peace Corps?

The World Hapkido Peace Corps (HPC) was created in 2018 by the World Independent Hapkido Federation (W.I.H.K.D.F.) founder, Mr. Klaus Schuhmacherto help enhance world peace, and harmony, a global understanding of different cultures, as well friendship around the world through a Hapkido volunteer service.

The HPC members are people who have the will and capability to bring peace to the world despite a harsh environment. They promote mutual understanding, friendship, and peace, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

The missions of the HPC:

• To help promote mutual understanding of different cultures.
• To explain that Hapkido can be a tool which may can help transcend ethnic, and national boundaries, thus helping to promote global peace.

The purpose of the HPC

• Communicate peace, fortitude, love of your neighbors and provide hope and service in a world that is suffering from poverty.

Activities of the HPC
Voluntary service to understand, and communicate each other's cultures

Mutually of the residents, and the educators through cultural activities
Creating a continuous networks of countries through dispatching volunteers, and educating Hapkido though out the world
Forming friendship
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