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Laws & Statutes


I. Organizational
1. Mission statement
2.Name and Jurisdiction
3. Purposes and powers
4. Limitations
II. Quality Control
III. Behaviour
1. Students
2. Black Belts
IV. Membership 1. General membership information
2. Yearly membership, 3. Lifetime membership
4. School membership, 
5. Honorary membership, 6. Transfer of membership
V. General 1. Publications / Works, 2.Training at other Academies
3. Rank Promotions (Testing), 4. Teaching
VI. Professional categories 1. Instructors, 2. Country / State
Headquarters & Representatives, 
(A. Procedures, B. Licensing
C. Testing), 3. Terminated Members, 4. Penalties, 5. Termination
6. International Headquarters, 7. Board of Governors, 8. Reporting

The following rules and regulations are in full effect for all World Independent Hap-Ki Do Federation ® Members, Black Belts, violations of these Rules and Regulations should contact the W.I.H.K.D.F. World Headquarters. I. Organizational 1. Mission statement The World Independent Hap-Ki Do Federation (hereinafter referred to as W.I.H.K.D.F.) was founded by Klaus Schuhmacher, who also founded the art called Progressive Hap-Ki-Do ® (P.H.K.D.). The ideals and goals of the W.I.H.K.D.F. revolve around the instruction of our current and future generations in strong leadership skills, development of mental and physical prowess. This is a traditional, proven method of developing human potentials, including training in philosophies, cultural exchange, knowledge, patience, mental concentration, and focus. Martial-arts instruction differs from other academic training in that one learns skills that if misapplied can be detrimental to others. Therefore, strict, governing guidelines must be exercised when licensing professional instructors and facilities. A continuing program of advanced education and re-evaluations is necessary to ensure that the highest quality instruction is available to the public.
In order to maintain such high standards, a singular organization (W.I.H.K.D.F.) is established that collectively self-governs all it's licensed instructors and academies and to adequately protect the quality of the teachings, skills, and objectives of it's founder.
By teaching anyone the physical means to cause injury or worse to another human being without teaching the proper moral restraint, mental training, and behavioural instruction is tantamount to giving someone a weapon whose mental and/or moral integrity is not known.
As the singular source of Hap-Ki-Do in the world, it is a main objective of the W.I.H.K.D.F. to self-regulate our own members to ascertain that only the highest quality instruction is given to our members and the public at large.
The primary purposes and objectives of the W.I.H.K.D.F. are to serve and protect our membership and communities as follows:
2. Name and Jurisdiction
This organization shall be known as the World Independent Hapkido Federation.
The abbreviation of the name shall be W.I.H.K.D.F.
3. Purposes and Powers
The W.I.H.K.D.F. is intended to be a non-profit organization; the purposes for which it was formed and the powers possessed by it include:
1. To stimulate interest in Hapkido. 2. To unite people for their mutual education and benefit. 3. To encourage cooperation and better understanding among members. 4. To supervise and conduct clinics, and demonstrations under the auspices of this Federation. 5. To research and study Hapkido with a view to establishing the highest standards of instruction and conduct. 6. To research and study Hapkido in order to better understand its history, philosophy, principles and concepts. 7. To maintain and preserve Hapkido records as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. 8. To publish information about Hapkido, including W.I.H.K.D.F. activities.
4. Limitations
The following limitations are placed on the power of the W.I.H.K.D.F. and upon the liabilities or obligations arising from its activities.
1. The organization shall not discriminate against any person or group because of race, sex, creed, religion, national origin or martial arts affiliation.
2. The organization shall not enter into agreements, contracts or arrangements which bind any school or individual members personally.
3. This federation shall be self-governing, non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian.
4. No member or group of members shall be deemed to be acting in any matter for or on behalf of the W.I.H.K.D.F., or as the W.I.H.K.D.F., unless specifically authorized to do so by the Constitution or By-Laws or the W.I.H.K.D.F. president.
II. Quality Control
To ensure the highest quality instruction available to the public and to maintain the highest levels of expertise found in Hap-Ki-Do as taught by it's founder III. Behavior
1. Students
1. As a student of Hap-Ki-Do is of utmost importance to abide by a martial code, a code of honor. A warrior personifies one with high moral repute, compassion for humanity, respect for one's self and others, and a constant and never-ending quest for self betterment and personal excellence. The set forth rules are to help you become a more dignified individual who understands and exemplifies the importance of integrity and the indomitable spirit. As a student of Hap-Ki-Do it is your duty to: 01. Always follow the tenets of our code of ethics a. Maintain loyalty to your country b. Always be loyal to your parents c. Always be loyal to your teacher d. Practice trust and camaraderie with your friends e. Maintain courage when faced with difficulties f. Never abuse your skills g. Always personify the qualities of humanity, justice, courtesy, wisdom, trust, goodness, virtue, loyalty, and courage 02. Always show respect to your elders 03. Always maintain a clean body and mind 04. Never abuse drugs and /or alcohol 05. Never get involved with gangs 06. Always follow the Academy rules indicated in your manual 07. Always strive to be the best in everything you do 08. Junior members shall always follow the 9 home rules found in manual 09. Junior members shall periodically complete the Personal Conduct Profile 10. Respect must be shown to all senior students 11. Support and assistance shall be given to all lower ranked students 12. Offer your assistance to those in need 13. Always assist and support your Academy's functions towards our collective goals.
2. Black Belts
Assist your master / instructor whenever possible towards the goals of Hap-Ki-Do Train diligently to increase your knowledge and ability levels Assist all students in their advancement. Continued training- As a black belt in Hap-Ki-Do, periodic continued training is necessary to maintain and upgrade your ability levels.
IV. Membership
1. Students / General Membership
Application for Membership (All applications must be approved by the president !)
A person applying for individual membership shall submit to the corresponding headquarter all pertinent information:
His/her name, address, phone number and current rank in Hapkido. A description of its current Hapkido program. Membership fee which shall be prescribed in the By-Laws. Description of Hapkido background including past and current instructors, their names, addresses, and ranks. 2. Anyone who practices the martial art of Hap-Ki-Do and/or any other korean Martial-Art like Kuk-Sool-Do, Hwarang-Do, Bi-Sool, Kung-Jung-Mu-Sul, etc..., considered a student. All students must be members of the W.I.H.K.D.F. to be officially recognized as a bona-fide student.
Membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in and/or involved in Hapkido and who pledge to adhere to the Constitution, By-Laws and ethics of this Federation. All memberships shall be open to all individuals adhering to the Constitution, By-Laws and ethics of this organization.
2. Black Belt Membership
3. Cooperate Membership
4. Lifetime Membership.
A lifetime member is any individual registered who has paid the life membership fee. The life member enjoys all the right, duties, responsibilities and privileges of an individual member except the payment of annual dues; is listed by individual name on the roster and receives an individual copy of all mailings.
Life membership fees shall be prescribed in the By-Laws. If for any reason a life membership status of an individual is cancelled by this organization, his/her life membership fee shall be refunded after deduction of all annual fees accumulated during his/her period of life membership.
5. Honorary Membership
Honorary membership shall be awarded by this Federation to individuals in recognition of their distinguished service to the Federation, or for their support of Hapkido within this Federation.
As we live in an ever-changing world, it is important to remain with our feet firmly planted on the ground. We must forge an immovable foundation in which our future generations will have the opportunity to feel the power of unity and strength within a family. Our association is this foundation that will help us realize our collective dreams together as one. Your obligation to the association brings us one step closer to our goals and aspirations. The W.I.H.K.D.F certifications issued to you is the only official document that is recognized by W.I.H.K.D.F. Academies and Clubs showing your active membership status and rank level. Your certifications are your proof that you are a recognized practitioner Hapkido.
If you transfer from one location to another, send in a new application with your new number h. Membership in the W.I.H.K.D.F. may not be transferred. In order to test for your 1st Dan Degree Black Belt you must submit copies of your student rank certifications, as well as copies of all certifications of seminars you attended that were offered and sanctioned by the W.I.H.K.D.F. The W.I.H.K.D.F. is the only issuing agency for a bona-fide validated W.I.H.K.D.F. certifications. Anyone caught with a forged stamps/signatures or counterfeit passports / membership cards may be liable for prosecution. For your knowledge and progression, you are encouraged to purchase the W.I.H.K.D.F. manuals, books, videos, and other sanctioned materials as they come available.
6. Promotion
To actively promote and further disseminate the teachings of this sole source of the martial and healing art of Hap-Ki-Do to all corners of the globe. Education: To provide as an educational source , continual instruction in all phases of these multifaceted martial arts, with continued educational opportunities to all its members Business Enhancement: To provide for an organizational forum for the exchange of business information; ideas; technical training, and growth techniques to it's professional members. Civic Duties: To establish a series of information and educational programs to encourage interaction with government, corporate, and community-based organizations from local levels through global interactions to assist in our mutual goals. Youth Programs: To further develop the leadership qualities of our youth, especially assisting those youngsters designated " at risk" , through the tenets Hap-Ki-Do Scholarships: To provide scholarships for those individuals whose needs qualify them to receive such assistance Protection: To protect the reputation of Hap-Ki-Do from non-qualified individuals who falsely claim to teach these martial arts for the benefit of the W.I.H.K.D.F. membership and the public at large.
Section 1. Composition.
The president shall be composed of voting representatives and alternate representatives of each country or state.
Section 2. Responsibility.
Except as otherwise specified in the Articles of Incorporation or the By-Laws, the president shall be vested with all powers of the organization and shall have authority to act on all organizational matters.
Section 3. Jurisdiction.
The president shall have the power to assume original and appellate jurisdiction, upon notice to those involved, in any matter where, the best interests of the organization will be served thereby.
Section 4. Discipline.
The president shall have the power to discipline members and to impose, enforce, or remit penalties for any violation of the Articles of Incorporation of these by-laws, or rules and regulations of this organization.
V. General
1. Publications / Works
It is our responsibility to maintain the highest quality control of all publications, Internet work and video productions representing the W.I.H.K.D.F. to the public at large. All publications / works must be reviewed by the Grandmaster Klaus Schuhmacher prior to release to the public to ensure the accurate portrayal of our cherished arts minimize any misrepresentation maintain accurate historical account maximize the interests of public safety.
Publications/ Works Defined: Any publications, books, manuals, magazines, news, articles, newsletters, periodicals, video recordings, films, movies, audio recordings, training films, cassettes, records, CD's, CD-ROM's, tapes, computer programs, and any printed matter concerning the W.I.H.K.D.F. Students can not make any instructional works Students can not publish any works without the express written official authorization of the W.I.H.K.D.F.. Failure to comply can result in criminal prosecution.
2. Training at other academies/ clubs
On a visiting basis, you may train at other W.I.H.K.D.F. facilities upon showing the instructor your validated W.I.H.K.D.F. certifications.
3. Rank Promotions (Testing)
All students are encouraged to test for the next belt rank (kub) promotion upon approval of your master / instructor. Testing is an important growth factor and a determining means to judge advancement and individual progress. 01. All students testing for Color Belt ( Kub) rank must fulfil the following: a. Current Membership status in W.I.H.K.D.F. (bring copies of your certifications) d. Complete testing application form e. Wear clean, complete uniform f. Bring mandatory sparring equipment g. Completion of all material for your rank h. All the appropriate testing fees i. Student is responsible for obtaining a partner for your test 02. All Kub Testing is comprised of: Attitude Respect Demeanor Technique - power, speed, position , balance, coordination
Miscellaneous - During a Kub Testing, parents may not film to photograph their child during the testing, though this is not allowed during black belt testing
All students testing for Black Belt must fulfil the following:
Current Membership status in W.I.H.K.D.F All official paperwork is to be completed and sent to W.I.H.K.D.F Int. Hdqts. 2 weeks prior to testing (copies of forms attached): Degree Dan Testing Application Letter of Recommendation Black Belt Personal History W.I.H.K.D.F Student certifications 4 recent passport-sized photos Photocopy of candidate's Driver's License / Country Passport / Social Security Card or Identification.
All Testing & Processing Fees are to be paid by Money Order sent to W.I.H.K.D.F Int. Hdqts 2 weeks prior to testing
1. Annual Membership Assessment must be paid within 1 month of testing. Upon the successful completion of your examination, you will be notified of your results, and will be awarded your degree.
7. Teaching
Without certifications to teach, one cannot be called Instructor
The rank of a 1st Dan Black Belt is a most honored, highly respected position, but it is just the beginning of the study of the complete true martial art of Hap-Ki-Do. A Black Belt symbolizes modesty, self-sacrifice, honesty, self-respect., integrity, courage, responsibility, and indomitable spirit. It is not the belt that is upon your waist that matters, it is the person that wears the belt that makes the difference. Therefore, you must contribute your selfless devotion to the continued prosperity of those around you, your personal growth, and the growth of our association. Any individual who has successfully met the requirements set forth in the student manual and tested for, and received their black belt through the W.I.H.K.D.F.
VI. Professional categories
4. State / Headquarters
A. Procedures 1. Yearly reporting of activities and special events, seminars / clinics, tournaments

2. Follow up to ensure that all students and Black Belts under your control are current with their W.I.H.K.D.F. membership obligations. 3. You are responsible for pertinent information regarding W.I.H.K.D.F. to be distributed to your students in a timely manner.

4. Upon receipt of written authorization (State / Province Hdqt. Certificate) from the W.I.H.K.D.F., signed by Grandmaster Schuhmacher, the authorized academy shall use the name of the association in the following manner only: W.I.H.K.D.F. state / province headquarters

B. Licensing 1. The W.I.H.K.D.F. International Hdqts. will award the license of State/ Province Hdqts. to only one academy location per state / province.
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